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Gentlemen of the BTC
November 23, 2023



I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry that I didn’t have the newsletter ready on Thursday.  I was at the firehouse and at my firehouse if you are working on Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is a very long and hectic day.  There were family members and guests coming in and out all day.  If you haven’t been in a firehouse on Thanksgiving, you can’t imagine the amount of food.  From 6:30am until about 9pm there was constant food.  We cooked 8 turkeys of various cooking methods and seasonings, a huge whole ham, every side dish you could think of and more appetizers and desserts than you could possibly eat in a month.  All of this after a huge breakfast that should have put us into a food coma.  We are probably all in need of a cardiac stent after Thursday.  

Now that we are past Thanksgiving the Christmas season has officially begun.  We will be having our annual BTC Members Christmas Dinner at Silver Lake on Tuesday December 5th at 6:30.  We had a great turnout at the Golf Awards Dinner earlier this month.  I hope to see at least as many people at the Christmas Dinner.

This past Tuesday was our third week of bowling.  We can now split off into two divisions.  The divisions will be divided by total pinfall + handicap.  The Creative Colors team is leading the way in that category with 250 pins more than the next closest team.  Leading the way in the “win” column is Band of Brothers (formerly known as Team Schwenn).  They are still undefeated (21-0).  That may soon come to an end.  I don’t think the bowling gods will look favorably on a team that changes their name while undefeated.  That’s some bad bowling ju-ju.

There were some big scores out there this week.  Tony Alexander’s 279 was the top score of the week.  The ageless wonder Gar Ward had a 255 game.  Gary Foster, Dennis Samoska Jr. and Keith Tadevich all had scores in the 240’s.  We had a 2-way tie for the low score of the week (96).  Dennis Samoska Jr. had this week’s top series (714) and Tony Alexander fell just one pin shy of 700.

I wasn’t able to bowl due to an elbow injury that was supposed to keep me out for 4 to 6 weeks.  That ain’t gonna happen.  I went to see Scott Lee at Andy’s Pro Shop to get a ball drilled backwards and a pair of ambidextrous bowling shoes.  Next Tuesday I will try to bowl left-handed.  That should be quite an adventure.

After bowling I went to Chef Klaus to say hi to Al Baldermann and the tennis guys.  When I walked into the restaurant I asked the hostess where all of the loud people were and she pointed me right to where the tennis guys were.  This wasn’t just any day.  It was Mike Ganz birthday.  The singing of Happy Birthday as you could imagine wasn’t quite the Tabernacle Choir.  It’s always a good time hanging out with the tennis group.

These guys don’t just make noise, drink and eat.  They do play some tennis.  Seventeen guys were roaming the courts this week.  I say roaming because I heard that Bill Lillwitz took a death-defying stroll across an active court that he wasn’t playing on.  Maybe death defying is a bit exaggerated.  I’m pretty sure that the balls were not traveling at Novak Djokivic speed.  Rob Rollins had the most victories this week winning 21 of 29 games.  Just as impressive if not more impressive was 88 years young Ed Rooks who won 50% of his games.

If you are interested in bowling or playing tennis, contact Al Baldermann (Tennis Chairman) or Keith Tadevich (Bowling Chairman).  Even though the seasons have already started, it is not too late to get involved.  It’s a great way to get out and hang with the guys, especially for the newer members.  Golf may be the main part of the club but bowling and tennis provide the best opportunity to get to know some of the members.           

The high temperature today might only be 36 but that doesn’t mean you should forget about golf.  Don’t miss out on Black Friday Golf Specials.  You could probably find some deals on golf balls. If you lose anywhere near as many golf balls as I do, you might want to stock up.

With only 23 weeks of bowling/tennis left we will be back on the golf course before you know it. 

Happy November Birthdays:  Bill Foster (2), Tom Tucker (2), Dan Tomkins (2), Ken Poteracki (5), Tony Alexander (5), Robert Long (9), Roger Stewart (11), Gary Foster (11), Kelly Melfi (13), Scott Lee (13), Mike Breier (16), John Roberts (16), Ron Bazan (17), Scott Carter (17), Tom Wilson (21), Mike Ganz (21), Kevin Bewley (27).

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Anthony Serritella – Secretary                                                                     (630) 430-5742



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Tennis Report – Al Baldermann



17 players.  Some very good matches.  Ed Rooks at 88 years of age is a marvel on the courts. 


After tennis 13 of us went to Chef Klaus for dinner.  Great time and a good way to start the holidays.  We celebrated Mike Ganz’s birthday.  BTC officers, Bob Kennedy and Anthony Serritella joined us for dinner.  It was great to have them with us.




Court 1

Rollins                      21/29

Tony                         19/29

Johnson                    13/29

Vizdal                        5/29


Court 2

Darabaris                  17/28

Heraty                      15/28

Ganz                         14/28

Schroeder                 10/28


Court 3

Abramowicz             16/26

Schiera                     15/26

Kees                         15/26

Kahlhammer              6/26


Court 4

Lillwitz                       5/8

Baldermann              15/26

Rooks                       13/26

Schaefer                   13/26

DiNolfo                      6/18

BTC Tennis-Chef Klaus-231121




We have now completed Week 3 of our Bowling Season! I have now split our league into an “A” Division and a “B” Division (see standings attached). As a reminder the placement of the teams into these Divisions, is based on total pins plus handicap through the third week of play.

The teams in the “A” Division in order of Total Pins plus Handicap this season are Creative Colors (9879), Bright Metals (9629), Smokey’s Bandits (9589), Band of Brothers (9584), Oak Forest Bowl (9496), and the Traitors (9481).

The teams in the “B” Division in order of Total Pins plus Handicap this season are Ascend Wealth Planning (9393), Tri-Star (9279), Burr Oak Bowl (9260), Mama Vesuvio (9248), Beggar’s Pizza (9184), and Bluebird Lanes (9162).

Even though there are 2 divisions we will bowl all the teams in the league as if there was only 1 division, the only difference is in the position rounds, Weeks 6, 12, 18, and 24 you will bowl only within your division.

Team Sponsor fees are $125 and can be paid anytime now through week 6. Please do not put this money in your payment envelope, I would like to account for this money separately and I will issue a separate receipt when this has been paid.

I am working on the league prize list options, and hope to have ready to hand out this week or for sure next week. Once I hand it out please look it over, ask any questions you have and then we will have each team vote for their preferred choice the following week.    

We still have a few weeks according to our rules to welcome more bowlers, so as always if you know anyone interested in bowling please call or text me at 708-912-8831.

I hope you enjoy your family and friend, and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

See You all Tuesday! 

Keith Tadevich – Bowling Secretary    



Pots for the week



Lane Assignemnts 
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12
11/30/2023 7 vs. 12 5 vs. 8 9 vs. 2 10 vs. 4 11 vs. 6 1 vs. 3
12/5/2023 11 vs. 8 9 vs. 7 1 vs. 5 6 vs. 3 10 vs. 12 2 vs. 4
Pins + Pins +
# Division A W L HDCP # Division B W L HDCP
7 Band of Brothers 21 0 9584 2 Tri-Star 11 10 9279
10 Creative Colors 16 5 9879 12 Ascend Wealth Planning 9 12 9393
5 Smokey's Bandits 15 6 9589 1 Burr Oak Bowl 7 14 9260
4 Traitors 12 9 9481 9 Beggar's Pizza 5 16 9184
3 Bright Metals 11 10 9629 6 Mama Vesuvio 4 17 9248
11 Oak Forest Bowl 11 10 9496 8 Bluebird Lanes 4 17 9162
Handicap Doubles
Game 1 Gar Ward 291 Game 1 Gar Ward & 531
Jay Skierkiewicz 245 Ken Wisniewski
Game 2 Tony Alexander & 507
Game 2 Tony Alexander  279 Paul Kleinpaste
Joe Rymsza 263
Game 3 Tim Magee & 512
Keith Tadevich
Game 3 Gary Foster 278
Keith Tadevich 250 Handicap Survivor
1st Place Gary Foster 278
2nd Place Dwight Hammond 222
Mystery Pot
1st Game Willie Janda 159
Blind Doubles
2nd Game  Joe Eppolitto ??? 1st Place Dennis Samoska Jr. & 473
Dwight Hammond
Clean Frames 2nd Place Dan Woodward Jr. & 472
Forward Ken Wisniewski 16 Joe Rymsza
Reverse  Ken Wisniewski 13 3rd Place  Tony Alexander & 467
John Roberts
30 No Winners 30
Last Game Handicap
1st Place  Terry Jesk  278
2nd Place  Tim Magee 262

GOLF NEWS      Hot-line number 708-888-1355.


Well after all the counts are in:

43 yes to forward tees for 65 and over

6 against forward tees for 65 and over

28 yes to extending max handicap to 45.

15 against extending max handicap.

5 didn't answer the survey questions but had different solutions to consider.

I think that getting over 50 responses was great.  We average around 85 golfers a week and the remarkable thing was that it was only the golfers that golf almost every week were the ones that responded. 

In conclusion the vast majority were not only voting yes but a resounding yes and truly appreciate the forward tees.

Verdict not in on the handicap going up.  Most golfers against it were because of three strokes on a par 3.  To be honest it is very rare that a 45 would get 3 strokes on a par 3 unless it is one of the 9 hardest holes on the golf course.  And nobody gives anyone 3 strokes on any hole unless you are a 0 handicap.  And if you are 0 handicap you would not be in the same division as the high handicappers.  But I will meet with board and see what they recommend as the highest handicap.  We have a current member that at one time had a 42 handicap when we allowed up to 45 for a period of time. 

I also believe we should have two divisions of golfers to get rid of the a and b division.  We could be more like most golf clubs and have an open division and champions division with the open division being anyone with an 18 or under handicap and the champions division to be the 19 and above division.  With the open division golfing from the middle tees and the champions from the forward tees. 

After having about 2 years into the forward tees almost everyone's handicap (which the golf gurus have decided is the best judge of ability)  has adjusted itself to the tee box they have been using.  Not sure how or why we would move tee boxes around now that we have firmly established handicaps from the tee boxes we have been using.  Ability has many ways of being judged such as how far can you drive the ball, or how is your iron play, or how is your chipping and putting. This is the main reason that I think we have been given a handicap system to judge ability for us.

The BTC handicapping program we use was developed by our late Great friend Chuck Martino. It automatically adjusts scores based on your handicap such as if you are under 10 adjusts our scores turned in so that you turn in your scorecard and it adjusts so that you can only get a double bogey, and if you are below 20 the same thing happens with only allowing a triple bogey and 36 and below allowing 4 over par scores.  It was well designed and has worked for us for over 20 some years. I feel that there is no reason to use any other system than the one we have in place now.  But that is just my opinion and not everyone's.

When I first proposed the forward tees, I wanted it to be for 60 and over but I was met with some resistance, maybe now is the time to revisit that scenario and figure out what to do with the current handicaps for that specific group. I belong to another group that when you first move up you lose 3 strokes from your handicap, and it adjusts after 5 to 10 rounds.  Seems like a fair way to go if we decide to lower the champions division to 60 and over.  Just food for thought and if you have any feelings on this please give me a call and let me know yea or nay.

One other thing to consider is the select few that turn 65 each year and move forward a tee box, what to do with them.  I have tried not to have any event early so as their handicap will adjust itself after the first 5 weeks of golf and it seemed to be working, also looking for suggestions on maybe taking 2 strokes off for 5 rounds of golf. 

One thing that you should know is that BTC does not make you move forward a tee if you so wish, a great example of that was George Les who qualified to move forward but thought his game was good enough to play at the 6000 yards we normally try to play and he proved that he could compete, get in the game of the day and win the open division club championship from the back tees.  All we insist is that you pick the tee box you want to establish your handicap and play there each week.

One last thing: I know for a fact that with(forward tees) the most enjoyable by product of this is, what most golfers have told me is, that we now don't take 6 hours to golf, and it is way more enjoyable.  Lower handicaps mean fewer high scores which translate into fewer strokes which saves waiting on each hole and make golf more fun and competitive.

Any comments or suggestions please give me a call.  Thanks to everyone that thanked me for what the golf chairman does for our league, and I now appreciate way more what the past golf chairman have done for this club.



Your golf guy.