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Gentlemen of the BTC
November 30, 2023



The big news of the week comes courtesy of BTC bowling team “Band Of Brothers” formerly known as Team Schwenn.  Band Of Brothers once again won all 7 points extending their unbeaten streak to four weeks.  They have yet to lose this year and with a record of 28 – 0 have a firm hold on first place in the “A” division.

In the “B” division it was a little less dramatic.  Tri Star picked up four points this week.  That was good enough to keep them on top in the B division 5 points ahead of 2nd place Burr Oak Bowl.

John Roberts had the top two scores of the week (256/251) enroute to a league high series of 683.  Bill Slusarczyk, Randy Giovanetti, Tony Alexander, Jeff Dinga and Keith Tadevich each had single game scores in the 230’s.  Jeff Dinga (666), Bill Slusarczyk (655), and Randy Giovanetti (653) were some of the other top series.

Now for the ugly side of things.  My “Lefty” experiment did not go well.  Actually, it was downright disastrous.  If my series wasn’t the lowest in BTC Bowling history, it had to be awful damn close. Maybe I should just wait a few weeks and come back when I can bowl right-handed again.

Fourteen guys made it out for Tennis this week.  Rich Schroeder was the top performer on the courts this week (18/24).  Mike Darabaris also had a fine week going 12/16.  And then of course they went out for dinner/drinks and stuck around until an hour after closing time.  A little food, a little booze and then you need a tank to drag these guys out the door.  

I hope everyone marked their calendars.  Tuesday December 5th (6:30pm) is our annual BTC Christmas Dinner at Silver Lake CC.  I hope to see you all there.  I’m curious to see what time the tennis guys get kicked out.

Unfortunately, I do have some bad news to share.  Former BTC member Ed Maciejewski passed away on November 28th.  Ed was 89 years old.  Services will be on December 3rd and 4th.  The following link will take you to his obituary and the details of the services. Visitation Sunday, December 3, 2023 from 3-8 pm at Anderson Memorial Home, 21131 W Renwick Rd, Plainfield, IL 60544. Mass of Christian Burial Monday, December 4, 2023 at 11 am at St. Joseph Parish, 500 S. Jefferson St., Lockport IL 60441. Interment to follow at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL.  Please keep Ed, his wife Delphine and the entire Maciejewski family in your prayers.

If you are interested in bowling or playing tennis, contact Al Baldermann (Tennis Chairman) or Keith Tadevich (Bowling Chairman).  Even though the seasons have already started, it is not too late to get involved.  It’s a great way to get out and hang with the guys, especially for the newer members.  Golf may be the main part of the club but bowling and tennis provide the best opportunity to get to know some of the members.  

Several months back Lee Tew sent out an article about Denny Mc Cann, a former Club member, being the victim of a hit and run accident and died. The driver was arrested, jumped bail, and fled to Mexico. Some 20 years later the feds finally caught him, brought him back to the United States and the driver has just been sentenced to prison for 13 years. Denny finally got what he deserved. Denny was a fun-loving guy and a Builders Tee Club member many years ago.

It was 50 degrees today.  I hope some guys were able to get out on the links.  It is in everyone’s best interest to get out and practice.  Don’t wait too long.  There are only 22 weeks left before we kick off the 2024 golf season.

Also attached to the newsletter is the 2024 Annual Dues Notice.  The 2024 Dues Notice will also be distributed at the Christmas dinner this coming Tuesday.  You can visit our website ( or click here and complete the form from your computer, print  a copy and include with your payment at the dinner, reply by mailing both, or email the form to Anthony ( ) & pay on-line.

Happy December BirthdaysGreg Will (1), Gary Klonowski (3), Mike Loye (4), Bob Schaefer (6), Joe Eppolito (11), Daniel Grimes (12), Todd Johnson (14), Dan Hearaty (16), Bob Kennedy (16), Mike Sutko (19), Nick Mady (21), Gene Banas (23), Jack Carter (23), Chuck Cahill (25), Bart Crosby (28), Dick Kerkstra (31)

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Anthony Serritella – Secretary                                                                     (630) 430-5742


Extra Italian Day handouts & cigar accessories for sale, while supplies last.  See Rich at the Christmas dinner (6:30) at Silver Lake CC on 12/5/2023.


Drizzle Stik & sleeve of balls

Cigar holder or Lighter

Ball Claw Pickup


2 for $5

2 for $5

Drizzle Stik

Cigar Holder & Lighter

Ball Claw Pickup






(CLICK HERE for the Dues Notice (Click Here for Online Payment Link).


TEXT and EMAIL updates of golf course cancellations, etc are available, but each member has to sign-up, and it only takes 2 minutes .  Click on this link,, and follow the instructions.


Chairmen, Greg Lewis & Rich Schroeder, can issue the notices, so contact one of us, when needed.  If it's a general notice, it will also appear on our website, near the top of the current newsletter page.  On occasion, a notice may need to refer you to the website, for more information, as the text notice is limited to 100 characters.  Let Rich know if additional information needs to be posted to the website.  Currently there are 139 members signed up for Golf notices thru this service.



SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for your tennis game (Click Here) or for the bowlers (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

Also, remember to check the "Other/Fleamarket" page for golf-related equipment for sale & upcoming golf events from our members.  Advertising here is FREE, for members only.  Click HERE for more bowling statsClick HERE for current golf handicaps & Full Season Golf Schedule Last year's financial report as presented by our Treasurer (click here).   Click Here to sign up  for Rained-Out text messages (click here for instructions). 

(CLICK for the 2023-2024 Bowling season rules)


Tennis Report – Al Baldermann


14 players.  Everyone is now playing at their best.  Very competitive.

Bob Kennedy joined us for drinks at the bar after tennis.  7 of us went to Hogg Wild for dinner.  We were joined by Bob Musser and Steve Anderson (Injured Reserve).  Believe it or not we had a 45-minute conversation about religion.  It used to be about women and sports.  It was a great conversation.  We closed the place.  No doubt we are all getting older.



Court 1

Rob II                 18/22

Rollins               10/22

Lillwitz                 9/22

Johnson              7/22


Court 2

Darabaris          12/16

Schiera               9/16

Abramowicz        8/16

Kees                   6/16

Kahlhammer       5/16


Court 3

Schroeder         18/24

Reschke           15/24

Rooks                 9/20

Baldermann        8/20

DiNolfo               6/24





This week is the annual Beat-The-Champs Charity Tournament.  Our league will have 100% participation, as the Builders Tee Club Bowling League will pay for all of our bowler’s $5 entry. A benefit of our 100% participation will ensure that our top bowler with handicap next week will automatically advance to the next round of this statewide tournament.

Some of the top handicap series performers this past week were: John Race 739 series, Jay Skierkiewicz 739 series, Jeff Dinga 732 series, Tom Kelly 731 series, John Roberts 731 series, David Schwenn 721 series, Bill Slusarczyk 718 series, Dennis Samoska Sr. 713 series, and Jim Eppolito 692. Some of the best scratch scores were by: John Roberts 251, 256, and a 683 series, Jeff Dinga 226, 232, and a 666 series, Bill Slusarczyk 236, and a 655 series, Randy Giovannetti 236, and a 653 series, Bob Vizdal 223, 228, and 644 series, Tony Alexander 233, and a 642 series, Keith Tadevich 230 game, John Race 226 game, and Dennis Samoska Jr. 221 game. 

Please don’t forget the Sponsors fees are due, I have had some teams pay this already, and I appreciate it! For those who have not paid it yet the fee is $125 and I can provide an invoice for those sponsors that would like them. 

I am working on and should have a couple of prize lists to pass out this week for teams to consider.  Should I have them ready to pass out this coming week, we can have a vote the following week, 12-12-23, & choose which option the league prefers.

We still have teams looking for a full-time regular bowler and we are desperately looking for someone to fill these spots! If you know of anyone interested, please let me know.  You can call/text me at 708-912-8831 or email me at See you all Tuesday!

Keith Tadevich – Bowling Secretary


Pots for the week



Lane Assignments 
Lanes 1 & 2 3 & 4 5 & 6 7 & 8 9 & 10 11 & 12
12/5/2023 11 vs. 8 9 vs. 7 1 vs. 5 6 vs. 3 10 vs. 12 2 vs. 4
12/12/2023 Divisional Position Round --- TBD
# Builders Tee Club W L # Builders Tee Club W L
7 Team Schwenn 28 0 2 Tri-Star 15 13
5 Smokey's Bandits 20 8 1 Burr Oak Bowl 9.5 18.5
10 Creative Colors 18 10 12 Ascend Welath Planning 9 19
4 Traitors 17 11 9 Beggar's Pizza 8 20
11 Oak Forest Bowl 16 12 6 Mama Vesuvio 6 22
3 Bright Metals 15.5 12.5 8 Bluebird Lanes 6 22
Handicap Doubles
Game 1 John Roberts 267 1st Game John Roberts & 501
Jeff Dinga 248 Tom Ollenberger
Game 2 John Robers 272 2nd Game John Roberts & 516
Tom Kelly 264 Mike Seebock
Game 3 Dan Woodward Jr.  256 3rd Game Tom Kelly & 495
Tom Kelly 253 Dennis Samoska Sr.
Mystery Pot 2nd Game Blind Doubles
1st Game Don Borus 125 1st Place Tom Kelly & 507
Jim Eppolito
2nd Game  No Winner
2nd Place John Roberts & 502
Last Game Handicap Dwight Hammond
1st Place  Tom Kelly 253
2nd Place Mike Seebock 249 3rd Place  Randy Samoska & 499
3rd Place Bob Vizdal 241 John Roberts
Clean Pots Handicap Survivor
Forward Jack Brown 9 1st Place Bill Slusarczyk 233
Reverse Bob Vizdal 22 2nd Place Dennis Samoska 208
30 No Winner