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Gentlemen of the Builders Tee Club:
 January 9, 2020




Opening Words


It was nice seeing everyone out bowling again after 2 weeks off for the holidays. What wasn’t so nice was the clean sweep my team suffered the first week back, securing Beggars Pizza 2’s spot in last place. But win or lose it’s always a good time, with good people. Congratulations to Jason Wojnar and Craig O’Reilly who both bowled 278 and Keith Tadevich who bowled 261 for the high scratch scores of the week. And yes I said scratch scores !


Now that the holidays are over and New Year’s Resolutions are in place you might be interested to know that according to the Mayo Clinic, an adult weighing 200lbs can burn off 270 calories an hour while bowling.  With the 4 steps it takes to get down to the lanes, plus the 3 games- I estimate that’s about 900 calories…or an order of cheese fries and a coke.  


I was excited to learn about our newly appointed Historian Bib Vizdal who will be contributing periodically to the newsletter.  Make sure to read his segment below and to look out in future newsletters for some interesting BTC history.  


If you are interested below is also Peter’s Pot Tip of the week.  I’d love to educate you all, if there is anything you would like me to address or are curious about, please submit questions to me via email, text or suggestion box.  *All names will remain anonymous!  Thank you to everyone who showed me support in my first newsletter!



Peter’s Pot Tips of the Week- 

I’m sure you are all curious about edibles.  Gummies, chocolate, brownies, cookies, etc.  The main thing to remember when considering trying edibles is to Start Low and Go Slow.  Even regular cannabis users can find the experience to be overwhelming, that is not to discourage anyone who is interested in trying it because done the right way it can be an enjoyable experience.  


I would recommend if you have not tried an edible before and don’t regularly smoke cannabis to start with 1 or 2 mgs.  The average gummy bear contains 10mgs of THC (psychoactive component of cannabis that makes you feel high.)  Make sure to ask your local bud tender for low dose edibles that come in 1 mg form.  Remember, the “bud tenders” are there to help and should be able to guide you through your purchase.  I will revisit this topic in upcoming weeks but wanted to give you something to start with.


*Please remember, that it can take 15 minutes up to two hours to feel the initial effects, so take it slow and give it time!  


*Make sure to always use cannabis responsibly.  



Birthdays of the Week & Other Famous People Born this Day

Another new segment- BTC members birthday and other famous people born on that day.  If your birthday is not in the roster book and you would like to participate, please contact Peter.


Happy birthday to the following BTC Members:

James McDermott- January 8th.  Shares a birthday with Elvis Presley and Stephen Hawking

William Sawyer- January 10th.  Shares a birthday with Rod Stewart and George Foreman.

Ronald S. Kogut- January 12th.  Shares a birthday with Tim Horton and Howard Stern.

Wayne Hutchinson- January 13th.  Shares a birthday with Cornelius Bumpus from the Doobie Brothers and Mark O'Meara, American golfer.

Mike Tomkins- January 14th.  Shares a birthday with Shepard Smith and Faye Dunaway.


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Hello fellow BTC Members, this is your newly appointed Historian for the club, Bob Vizdal. Nobody has held this position in many years and I believe a club that has been around for almost a century has a lot of history that will be forgotten if not for a few members who still are in our club.


I interviewed our longest standing member, Lee Tew. I believe that no one will ever surpass his 71 years in the BTC joining when he was just 18 years old. Not only that but his older brother was a member as well as his father who was an original member of the club. Lee was a painting contractor for many years and also served on the Board of Directors for Standard Bank. He told me that his family business went back to just after the Chicago Fire in the 1800’s. In his prime he was a golfer, bowler and tennis player with the club. He told me that in the years of prohibition, which ended in 1933, that the club had two members who were Police Captains. They would escort the beer to the golf course to make sure that it wasn’t absconded. Probably a good thing that we still have retired Police Officers in our club. I’d hate to see how Dave Jenner would react if they ever ran out of beer. 


I asked about the early bowling alleys that the club bowled at and the two lanes he mentioned before Burr Oak were Playmoor Lanes at 79th and Euclid and also a bowling establishment located at 79th and Cottage Grove. He confirmed something that I had heard about where they played golf in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Oak Hills was an 18 hole course back then. Also Palos which was called Southmore and a course just west of Westgate called Navaho Hills.


He also confirmed an Election of Officers story that I had heard about the year that Pat Joyce became an Officer. Since Pat played tennis with the club, only 20-25% of the members knew him very well. The meeting was held after dinner at The Rosewood Restaurant. As soon as dinner ended many of the members went into the bar for a libation. The tennis players stayed, the doors were closed and the vote was taken and Pat Joyce was elected by one vote. From then on, Lee told me that Pat was known as "Landslide Joyce".


One final story is one that Lee also was able to confirm and that was about two members, Phil Peecher and Ken Pearson, who were lucky enough to win the Calcutta back when it paid in the “thousands”. They won enough to leave right to the airport and go to Vegas for a week. They also won in Vegas however on their return Phil Peecher was not as lucky when he got home since all his clothes were outside on the lawn.


I want to thank Lee Tew for his memories and hope that he can join all of us at one of the dinners so all who do not know him can meet such a great member of our club. I will try to interview more members every few months so that we can all keep up on our clubs history.


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Chairmen, Greg Lewis & Rich Schroeder, can issue the notices, so contact one of us, when needed.  If it's a general notice, it will also appear on our website, near the top of the current newsletter page.  On occasion, a notice may need to refer you to the website, for more information, as the text notice is limited to 100 characters.  Let Rich know if additional information needs to be posted to the website.  Currently there are 111 members signed up for this service.



SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for your tennis game (Click Here) or for the bowlers (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

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Tennis Report – Al Baldermann



14 players.  Good matches.  Unfortunately, Wayne Genck and Kevin Bewley had to withdraw due to injuries.


After tennis we were joined by Chuck DiNolfo and Bob Kennedy for Beggars Pizza and drinks which were provided by the BTC (Thank you!).



Court 1

Rollins                       16.27

Johnson                    14/27

Cleary                       13/27

Abramowicz              11/27


Court 2

Ganz                         11/18

Bewley                       9/18

Lillwitz                        6/14

Genck                        3/8

Bybee                        5/14


Court 3

Baldermann              14/20

Anderson                  12/20

Sutko                        14/24

Schaefer                     8/24

Schroeder                   8/24





Next week is the end of the first half. There is already a winner in the "B" division. Congratulations to Team Melfi with a nine and one-half point lead. In the "A" division, there are still 3 teams in contention. With the right kind of split between H&R Johnson and Tri-Star, Team Jenner can still win the division with a sweep. Remember, if there is a tie, both teams make the roll-off. This week, scores were down quite a bit. The top scoring was by Jason Wojnar with a 707 series (278 game). And Craig O'Reilly had a 704 series (278 game). Looking ahead, the Brocius Doubles is scheduled for the second and third Tuesdays in February.


John Delano - Bowling secretary 


Pots of the Week


HANDICAP                           Game 1 Switak 287                Wojnar 281 

                                             Game 2 Stewart 288               O'Reilly 278 

                                             Game 3 Lambros 278             Roberts 263 


BLIND DOUBLES             Jenner/Heatter 545                  Day/DeFalco & Kappel/Jesk 544 


THIRD GAME                    Lambros 278                           Roberts 263 


DOUBLES                Game 1 Wojnar/Cahill 547                 Paliga/Switak 543 

                                 Game 2 O'Reilly/Kappel 560             O'Reilly/Blyth 532 

                                 Game 3 Roberts/Lambros 541            Kleinpaste/Harwig 538 


TEAM GAME                     Burr Oak Bowl 1263 


MYSTERY                           Game 1 No winner 

                                             Game 2 Magee 198


CLEAN FRAMES               Wisniewski 30 Clean 


SCRATCH                           Game 1 Wojnar 278 

                                             Game 2 O'Reilly 278 

                                             Game 3 Lambros 235 


SCRATCH SERIES            Wojnar 707 


SERIES DOUBLES            Wojnar/Brown 1300               Wisniewski/T.Samoska 1234 


SURVIVOR                        O'Reilly 225                            Oliva 224 



14 H&R Johnson 44 26   10 Team Melfi 50 21
3 Tri Star   44  26   15 Gary Galassi 40 30
11 Team Jenner   42 28   2 Burr Oak Bowl 36 34
4 Dan's Lock&Key 37 33   6 Lionheart Finan'l 36 34
13 Beggar's Pizza 33 37   16 Van Henkelum 36 34
8 Beggar's OFK 31 39   7 Mama Vesuvio's 31 40
5 Bluebird Lanes 27 43   9 Mardi Gras Lanes 30 40
12 Bright Metals 17 53   1 Beggar's Pizza 2 27 43



Lane assignments for 1/14/20 (POSITION ROUND)


17-18    19-20    21-22    23-24    25-26    27-28    29-30    31-32

  5-12     14-3      11-4      13-8       9-1      10-15      2-6       16-7