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Gentlemen of the Builders Tee Club:
 January 2, 2020




Opening Words


Let me start off by saying I hope you all had a great New Year’s, a happy Hanukkah, a Joyous Kwanzaa, and oh yeah a Merry Christmas.  I wish you all a year filled with happiness and good health. I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into the BTC as your new secretary. Being able to be a part of this group brings me a lot of pride. Not only am I following in the footsteps of my Uncle Peter, as the second Peter Garetto as a BTC officer, but I am also following in my father’s footsteps. Having the opportunity to golf and bowl with you every week has truly made me into a better person. I am eager to continue the ideas stated in our “Builders Tee Club Creed.” As Secretary I will continue to promote a place where we continue spreading the “friendly, cooperative spirit” the club has always had.


 I will do so by always being open and receptive to any ideas you may have. I encourage all of you to please come to me with suggestions and ideas - any are always appreciated.  Although I haven’t had the pleasure of writing many newsletters in the past (or any type of letters to be honest) I am excited to write the best newsletter I possibly can. My goal is to have the newsletters get better every week and to get as many members interested and reading it as possible.  I am interested to hear about things that were done in the past, things that you would like to change, or any ideas or critiques so please feel free to reach out to me at or text me at 708-712-6493 (please include your name when texting so I can know who it is!)  I will also be bringing a suggestion box to the weekly bowling and golf outings, so feel free to put any notes in there as well.  Looking forward to a great 2020!



Please don’t forget to fill out ONLY CHANGES to your membership information sheet before mailing.  Click HERE for the dues form.

BTC dues are $200.00 and are due the 31st of January 2020. Make checks payable to Builders Tee Club. Please send your 2020 dues to:


                                                        Kevin Bewley

                                                        18419 Homewood Ave

                                                         Homewood, Il. 60430


Officer Announcements

We will be installing officers at the BTC Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 14th at the Silver Lake Country Club at 6:30pm.  We will be installing Tom Ollenburger as President, Gary Foster as Vice-President, Kevin Bewley as Treasurer and myself, Peter Garetto as Secretary.  Please make sure to join us!


Upcoming Events

 BTC Annual Meeting & Installation of Officers Night

When: Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Where: Silver Lake Country Club

14700 S. 82nd Ave. Orland Park


Time: 6:30 PM


Committee Announcements



Sick & Vigil



Membership Committee



Peter’s Pot Tips of the Week-

In the guidelines for the new treasurer it was suggested to impart my “Words of Wisdom.”  So seeing as it is January 1, 2020 and cannabis is now legal in Illinois I thought I would roll with it (pun intended) and give you “Peter’s Pot Tip of the Week.”

I’m going to keep it simple and give you a basic lesson.  We aren’t dealing with the same grass you hippies were smoking at Woodstock, nowadays we have options.  I like to think of it like alcohol, different types will make you feel different ways.  The 2 main types are Sativa and Indica.  Sativa= stimulating, uplifting, energizing- best suited for day use.  Indica= relaxing, calming, body buzz, “stoned”- best suited for night use (not  recommended to use before a round of golf.)  Some are listed as Hybrid, which is a blend of the 2 in case any of you want to feel what it’s like to feel energized and stoned at the same time.     

Here’s a link for those of you who may want to learn more- .  Otherwise, stay tuned for more of Peter’s Pot Tips next week.

*Make sure to always use cannabis responsibly.  Remember, while it is now legal there are still rules.  No smoking in public and remember don’t smoke and drive kids!


Birthdays of the Week

Happy birthday to the following BTC Members:

David Sullivan - January 3

Robert Welsch - January 6



Your Secretary

Peter Garetto


TEXT and EMAIL updates of golf course cancellations, etc are available, but each member has to sign-up, and it only takes 2 minutes .  Click on this link,, and follow the instructions (or see below).


Chairmen, Greg Lewis & Rich Schroeder, can issue the notices, so contact one of us, when needed.  If it's a general notice, it will also appear on our website, near the top of the current newsletter page.  On occasion, a notice may need to refer you to the website, for more information, as the text notice is limited to 100 characters.  Let Rich know if additional information needs to be posted to the website.  Currently there are 111 members signed up for this service.



SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for your tennis game (Click Here) or for the bowlers (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

Also, remember to check the "Other/Fleamarket" page for golf-related equipment for sale & upcoming golf events from our members.  Advertising here is FREE, for members only.  Click HERE for more bowling statsClick HERE for current golf handicaps & Full Season Golf Schedule Last year's financial report as presented by our Treasurer (click here).   Click Here to sign up  for Rained-Out text messages (click here for instructions). 


Tennis Report – Al Baldermann


Results from Thursday's action were not available at time of publication. Reminder we will be playing next Tuesday 1/7/20 as regularly scheduled.  Treats provided after tennis.




Nothing to report. Bowling resumes on Tuesday 1/7/20. Lane assignments are listed below.




14 H&R Johnson 42 21   10 Team Melfi 42.5 20.5
3 Tri Star 42  21   6 Lionheart Finan'l 36 27
11 Team Jenner  35 28   15 Gary Galassi 35 28
4 Dan's Lock&Key 32 31   2 Burr Oak Bowl 31 32
13 Beggar's Pizza 31 32   16 Van Henkelum 31 32
8 Beggar's OFK 29 34   1 Beggar's Pizza 2 27 36
5 Bluebird Lanes 25 38   9 Mardi Gras Lanes 25 38
12 Bright Metals 17 46   7 Mama Vesuvio's 23,5 39.5

Lane assignments for 1/7/20


17-18    19-20    21-22    23-24    25-26    27-28    29-30    31-32

  6-7       11-1      2-14       8-9      10-12      5-4      15-13     16-3