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Gentlemen of the Builders Tee Club:
 November 8, 2018



A fantastic day this past Tuesday for the BTC. Bowling and tennis in the afternoon followed by an outstanding dinner at Silver Lake. Let’s re-cap starting with bowling. We have a full 16 team league with a multiple sub list going strong. Our doubles pot started up with yours truly and Jack Heatter winning the first one of the season, and with a $2 ante, we have already finished ahead for this season. Many bowlers that missed the start of the season are now back to full strength and ready to compete. Gar Ward, Dave Downey, Jack Parisi and Randy Smith just to name a few. To all our new members and applicants participating bowling for the first time in the BTC league. By now you have noticed several members just stopping by and hanging around. They come by to have a drink and share some laughs with members they have played golf with this past season and have become good friends, they also introduce themselves to our newest members and applicants, and they love this great club.


Quote on the Lanes: Dave Downey: “Will cut-off shorts be considered to be proper attire?”


                                    Tom O: “Only Daisy Dukes will be considered”


Moving on to dinner. The hard work put in by all to the BTC showed up in attendance, the energy was incredible. We had 116 members served and this is the highest it has been in years. Our 50/50 raffle topped $1100 with 3 tickets paying off at $200. Ron Orent, Gar Ward and George Les (whom re-gifted his back to the club) were our winners. Ron Orent was our guest at dinner and recognized for 50 years in the BTC. Jack Samoska former president introduced himself and explained how important it is for participation, volunteering and donations are to the club as we continue to grow. Back in his days as an officer and going all the way back to the foundation of the club we have had many big hitters, and to this day we still do in the donations department. Ron Miller collected around $800 dollars and pledged to personally match it for the Kids Christmas Party. President Larry Garetto opened our night and explained that our election of officers will be pushed back to Tuesday December 4 at our Christmas Dinner due to we now have several candidates campaigning for the position of Secretary for 2019. Our nominating committee is hard at work on this task. Dick Kamin followed with the golf awards and talked a bit about our golf meeting coming up in two weeks. By now it is obvious everyone is in a good place with our club and are spreading the word to join…


Story of the day: I am sitting down inhaling my dinner so I can get to the 50/50 raffle. Dan Woodward asks if he could sit at this empty spot at the table. He puts his plate of food down and disappears for about 10 minutes.  When he comes back I ask “where you been?” “I couldn’t find a f!@#$in fork, I had to go to the kitchen.”


On a final note for this week, it has been mentioned nominating Dick Kamin and Dan Woodward for club Historian. Between them they have 63 years of club knowledge. Now I must be transparent with all the club members and let you know that Woody can’t see but recalls everything and Dick can see but recalls very little. Can we please have another choice?


BTC Kids Christmas Party


The Club's signature family event - The 30th BTC KIDS CHRISTMAS PARTY - is scheduled for December 1, 2018 at Silver Lake Country Club from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. All members and applicants are invited, but seating is limited so don't delay. Click for flyer.


We need your Help! Please fill out and return ASAP. We need as much contributions as possible also.  We need to know the number of kids attending so that we can do the necessary shopping, stockings, etc. so no one is forgotten by Santa. We appreciate you support and generosity and look forward to seeing everyone there!


We will be doing the gift wrapping on Wednesday November 28th @ 6:30 p.m. Please contact Andy Zilis if you can help on that day. We will also be looking for help on the day of the party in the morning to unload gifts and set up the stocking trees.


Andy Zilis, Chairman





December 1, 2018 - Kids Christmas Party - Silver Lake Country Club 12 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  (Click for flyer)


December 4, 2018 – BTC Member’s Christmas Party. Silver Lake Country Club 6:30 p.m.


Next week I will be down in the sunshine state chillaxing. Andy Zilis will be pinch hitting for the newsletter.


Dilly, Dilly!!! 


Your Secretary,

Gary Foster

Cell# (708) 417-4280

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SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for you (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

Also, remember to check the "Other/Fleamarket" page for golf-related equipment for sale & upcoming golf events from our members.  Advertising here is FREE, for members only.  Click HERE for more bowling statsClick HERE for current golf handicaps & Full Season Golf Schedule Last year's financial report as presented by Tom Ollenburger (click here).   Click Here to sign up  for Rained-Out text messages (click here for instructions).





Our membership committee met after the golf banquet and approved 8 new members and welcomed back an old friend.  Our newest members are:


Roger Stewart, Lawrence Lloyd, Joseph Mello, Daniel Tomkins, Michael Byrne, Louie Vardikos, Bart Crosby and Ron Kogut.  Jerry Junkas re-enlisted.


We also have another new applicant:


         Adam Valentinas, 15 Brooklane, Palos Park, IL. 60464. Cell # 708-717-1243.

         Email address:  Sponsored by Marv Huddleston and Justin Kamper


Please welcome these gentlemen to our fine club.


Jerry Jasinski

TENNIS NEWS – Al Baldermann


13 players.  Good matches.



Court 1

Rollins                      18/29

Schiera                     15/29

Abramowicz             13/29

Bewley                     12/29


Court 2

Genck                       10/12

Ganz                         15/20

Rooks                       15/24

Lilliwitz                      9/20

Sutko                          7/20


Court 3

Schroeder                 13/21

Baldermann              14/27

DiNolfo                    13/27

Schaefer                   11/27

Sutko                           3/6


Mark your calendar…Next week 11/13 GIO after tennis.  All are welcome.




Nov. 20th will be our annual golf meeting to discuss next year's schedule, events, etc. All members are welcome to attend. The meeting will be held at Beggar's Pizza in Oak Forest at 6:30. Food will be served. Anyone having golf course suggestions for next year should contact Kamin prior to the meeting so that he can evaluate and contact the potential courses before the meeting.




The third week of bowling is in the books. Most of the bowlers have new handicaps established with the 15 pin drop rule applied. Oak Forest Bowl is still the leader in the "A" division. In the "B" division, three teams are tied for the lead. The top series was a 708 by Mike Neumann. And Jack Parisi started with a 701 series for his first time bowling this year. The top games were 264 by Mike Neumann, 259 by Dick Kamin and 257 by Jim Eppolito. There are still seven bowlers who have not returned their USBC cards, I will track you down next week.


John Delano - Bowling Secretary 




HANDICAP               Game 1 Delano 272                            Foster 265

                                 Game 2 Eberling 265                          Crothers & Tucker 256

                                 Game 3 Kamin 286                             Parisi 261


BLIND DOUBLES             Parisi/Tucker 498        Eberling/Kamper 491             Cahill/O'Reilly 488


THIRD GAME                    Parisi 261                                Magee 242


DOUBLES                Game 1 Heatter/Foster 498

                                 Game 2 Guarnieri/Lewis 515

                                 Game 3 Kamin/O'Reilly 516


TEAM GAME           Beggar's Pizza 2 1158


MYSTERY               Game 1 O'Reilly 207

                                 Game 2 Carryover


CLEAN FRAMES              Stahl 10F                                 O'Reilly 25R


SCRATCH                Game 1 S.Sujka 254                           Foster 247

                                 Game 2 Ruthenberg 255                     O'Reilly 244

                                 Game 3 Parisi 255                              Wojner 238


SCRATCH SERIES            S.Sujka 682                             O'Reilly 681


SERIES DOUBLES            Ruthenberg/Kamin 1300        S.Sujka/Stein 1292


SURVIVOR                         Parisi 255                                O'Reilly 230



6 Oak Forest Bowl 19 2   10 Galassi S & S 14 7
1 Team Jenner 12 9   13 Burr Oak Bowl 14 7
2 H & R Johnson 11 10   16 Beggars Pizza #2 14 7
4 Bright Metals 11 10   15 Mardi Gras Lanes 12 9
7 Tri Star 11 10   9 Team Melfi 10 11
8 Bluebird Lanes 9 12   12 Van Henkelum 7 14
3 Team Kamin 8 13   11 Mama Vesuvio's 7 14
5 Dans Lock&Key  3 18   14 Beggar's Pizza 2 19




Lane assignments for 11/13:


17-18    19-20    21-22    23-24    25-26    27-28    29-30    31-32


11-14      3-6      15-10      7-2       9-13       1-5      16-12      8-4