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Gentlemen of the Builders Tee Club:
 January 17, 2019



We had a wonderful turnout of 84 members for the January dinner at Silver Lakes. The food, and service was excellent. If you left hungry it’s your fault.

 The 2019 Officers were formally introduced to kick off the new year and they are as follows:

                      President  Larry Garetto

                     Vice Pres Tom Ollenburger

                     Treasurer Gary Foster

                     Secretary Kevin Bewley

 Dick Kamin, our Golf Chairman, handed out the 2019 Golf Schedule for everyone to see and also answered questions about golf. The golf schedule will be posted to the web site in the near future and can be referenced there. Please start making your plans concerning the events and the dates so that we can do proper scheduling for each of the events. One final golf note of change is that Opening Day will be paid that day directly to Silver Lake, and President Garetto announced that Opening Day Dinner this year will be covered by the Club. Guests attending will be asked to pay $25 for the dinner and will also be paid that day at check-in before dinner. Any questions concerning golf should be directed to Dick Kamin.


Thanks for being patient during the sale of 50/50 raffle tickets. There will be some changes next time to expedite the process. A total of $740.00 was collected, of which $340 stays with the club, and our two winners received $200 each. Congratulations to John Bondi, and the TriStar bowling team. Team members include John Delano, Hal Eberling, Mike McNamara, John Paliga, Keith Tadevich, and Bob Wall. Enjoy your winnings boys.


 Another afternoon of chasing the yellow round ball with Rob Rollins, Ron Abramowicz, and our new applicant Wayne Genck. A lot of great shots, and some bad ones. And one right to the eye of Ron A. Thank goodness he is quite the athlete and suffered no serious injury. He picked up his eye, shook it off and continued playing. But he kept staring at Wayne with his other one! Tennis is a tough sport !  Cocktails and friendship afterwards in the bar, then some of the guys went to dinner at Gourmet Pizza.


Sick and Vigil


Dennis Samoska advised me that Jerry DeYoung was diagnosed with right lung cancer and needs further tests to see what the treatment will be. He is now resting at home.


Larry Gramith asked to please keep Roger Peterson in your thoughts and prayers after his recent surgery.


We hope and pray for a speedy recovery for our members Jerry and Roger.


Also, Val Sarli is introducing a new event for the bowling league, a Mini Calcutta. Details are later in the newsletter. Hopefully, there will be great interest in this event throughout the Club. See Val Sarli with any questions.  (CLICK HERE for the Mini Bowling Calcutta form).



   Your Secretary

Kevin Bewley




January 31, 2019 - 2019 annual dues must be paid.




The dues notice has been mailed out to every member and a copy of the dues notice is attached at the end of the newsletter and will be a part of each newsletter through January 2019.  (CLICK HERE for the dues form. Fill it out from your PC then print it to mail).


I would like to remind everyone that your 2019 BTC membership fees are due by January 31, 2019. The dues are $200.  For members who have been in the club 25 years and are 65 or older the rate is $120.

Pursuant to the Bi-Laws a late fee of $20 will be charged for payments made after January 31, 2019. Please help us out by paying on time!


Due to the rising costs of printing the Roster Book we are increasing the Roster Book ads to $125 (Full Page) and $75 (Half Page). Roster Book ads can be paid with submission of the membership dues and any changes from prior year’s ads should be included with payment. We truly value and appreciate our sponsors of the Roster Book and always strongly suggest you refer to the sponsors if you need any services first in the future.


Gentlemen, When sending in your 2019 Annual dues check PLEASE send along a completed and legible Annual Dues Notice Form with your check. I have received several checks with no form. We need completed forms for the Roster Book.  (CLICK HERE for the dues form. Fill it out from your PC then print it to mail). 


Thank You,

Treasurer Gary Foster 


Mail To Treasurer:     Gary Foster

                                      5543 W. 174th St.

                                      Tinley Park, IL. 60477



SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for you (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

Also, remember to check the "Other/Fleamarket" page for golf-related equipment for sale & upcoming golf events from our members.  Advertising here is FREE, for members only.  Click HERE for more bowling statsClick HERE for current golf handicaps & Full Season Golf Schedule Last year's financial report as presented by Tom Ollenburger (click here).   Click Here to sign up  for Rained-Out text messages (click here for instructions). 




TENNIS NEWS – Al Baldermann



12 players.  Bob Vizdal had a break from bowling and joined us for tennis.



Court 1

Rollins                      19/28

Abramowicz              15/28

Genck                       12/28

Bewley                     10/28

Court 2

Vizdal                        13/21

Schroeder                 11/21

Bybee                       10/21

Ganz                           8/21


Court 3

DiNolfo                     13/23

Anderson                  12/23

Baldermann              12/23

Schaefer                     9/23




It was a very close race in the "B" division with 4 teams within two points of first. Beggar's Pizza 2 prevailed with a one point lead to take the first half. Congratulations! Overall, the scoring on Tuesday was the best it's been all season. There were five 700 plus series and over twenty 600 series. Topping the scoring was Teddy Ruthenberg with a 740. The other 700s were by John Paliga (719), Chuck Cahill (708), John Warta (707), and Dave Jenner (701). The top game was by Ken Wisniewski with a 277. Derrick Bay had a 311 handicap game (267 scratch). The Brocius Doubles tourney is scheduled for February 12 and 19th,


John Delano - Bowling Secretary 




HANDICAP                        Game 1 Bay 311                     Cahill 259

                                             Game 2 Paliga 281                  Jenner 271

                                             Game 3 Cahill & Lewis 275


BLIND DOUBLES             Lambros/Jenner 487   Ruthenberg/Jim Eppolito 478   O'Reilly/Paliga & Shinnick/Wall 474


THIRD GAME                    Cahill 275                               Ruthenberg 256


DOUBLES                Game 1 Bay/Joe Eppolito 545             Bay/Jim Eppolito 542

                                 Game 2 Jenner/Paliga 552                  Switak/Paliga 534

                                 Game 3 Cahill/Ruthenberg 531           Brown/Cahill  & Brown/Lewis 521


TEAM GAME                     H&R Johnson 1162


MYSTERY               Game 1 Oliva 210

                                 Game 2 Carryover 


CLEAN FRAMES              Slusarczyk 28F                       Warta 16R


SCRATCH                Game 1 Wisniewski 277                      Warta 247

                                 Game 2 Paliga 259                              Jenner 257

                                 Game 3 Ruthenberg 256                     Warta 245


SCRATCH SERIES            Ruthenberg 740                      Paliga 719


SERIES DOUBLES            Warta/Paliga 1426                  Ruthenberg/Slusarczyk 1343


SURVIVOR                         Ruthenberg 256                      Warta 245




6 Oak Forest Bowl 59 18   16 Beggars Pizza #2 45 32
1 Team Jenner 44 33   10 Galassi S & S 44 33
2 H & R Johnson 40 37   15 Mardi Gras Lanes 44 33
8 Bluebird Lanes 39 38   13 Burr Oak Bowl 43 34
3 Beggar's OFK 37 40   14 Beggar's Pizza 40 37
4 Bright Metals 34 43   11 Mama Vesuvio's 33 44
5 Dans Lock&Key  28   49   9 Team Melfi 29 48
7 Tri Star 27 50   12 Van Henkelum 26 51


Lane assignments for 1/22/19


17-18    19-20    21-22    23-24    25-26    27-28    29-30    31-32

13-12      7-3      10-14      6-2      15-11     9-16       1-8        5-4