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Gentlemen of the Builders Tee Club:
 January 16, 2020




Opening Words


Thanks for everyone who was able to make it out to our Annual Installation of Officers Dinner.  It was a great turnout, the food and service were outstanding and it was really nice to meet some of you that I haven’t had a chance to before.  I want to give a special thanks to those who participated in my first “Split the Pot.”  Thanks Bob and Beggars Pizza 2 Bowling team for your generous donation of $170 to the club, bringing the total “Split the Pot” money up to $680.  Just a heads up, the next “Split the Pot” I am going to take a vote on if we want to continue doing a three-way split or go over to a more traditional split the pot where it is 50/50 split. 

Thanks to Tom Ollenburger our new President for starting off the night with a great speech.  Thanks to Gary Foster our new Vice-President who gave us the run down on the clubs finances (click HERE for the report).  Also installed were Kevin Bewley as the new Treasurer and yours truly Peter Garetto as the new “Madam” Secretary.

I want to also thank our newly appointed Historian Bob Vizdal for his interview with the clubs longest standing member Lee Tew, it’s amazing that we have a 71-year member that was able to provide so many interesting stories.  I would love to get that Calcutta prize back up to the thousands! 

P.S. Larry’s Hot Tip - Looking for a few good men for The Disney Golf trip - February 27th through March 3rd.  If interested, please contact Bob Martino.  



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BTC dues are $200.00 and are due the 31st of January 2020. Make checks payable to Builders Tee Club. Please send your 2020 dues to:


                                                               Kevin Bewley

                                                        18419 Homewood Ave

                                                           Homewood, Il. 60430

Sick & Vigil


Tom Dombro’s wife, Maureen, passed away on Tuesday.  Our condolences to Tom, a long time BTC member, and his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. She will be missed. Visitation  will be at Most Holy Redeemer Church, 9525 S Lawndale Ave, Evergreen Park on Monday January 20, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Tuesday January 21, 2020 from 9:30 am until time of Funeral Mass @ 10:30 am. Interment St. Mary Cemetery, Evergreen Park.


We also sadly report that Herb Stewart passed away in late November 2019 from cancer. Herbie was a long time active member bowler and golfer until a few years ago. His wife, Barbara, also passed away in September 2019. Our prayers are with the family.


Please send any sick & vigil to Larry Garetto at

Upcoming Events

St. Patrick’s Party- Tuesday, March 10th , more details to follow in upcoming newsletters.


Peter’s Pot Tips of the Week-

Medical marijuana topical solutions.


Did you know that marijuana can be used topically (on the skin) to relieve pain from certain conditions? cannabis oil is used in lotions, balms, ointments, patches and sprays just to name a few. While more research still needs to be done, thousands of people have reported relief from the following, arthritis, eczema, headaches or migraines, insect bites, minor burns, muscle soreness, psoriasis, pain rashes, rheumatism, swelling, sunburns, stiff necks and tendonitis.


Application-based cannabis (lotions and creams)  work differently than their conventional vaporized or ingested counterparts. A major perk of opting for a topical rather than an ingested form of cannabis is the lack of psychological effects the consumer will experience. Users enjoy the added benefits of targeted relief without igniting widespread effects that alter the entire body. When used efficiently, consumers can reap the benefits of traditional marijuana forms without inducing the typical “high” or psychological effects. I would be happy to talk more in detail with anyone that’s interested so please don’t hesitate to ask.


*Make sure to always use cannabis responsibly. 


Birthdays of the Week & Other Famous People Born this Day

Another new segment- BTC members birthday and other famous people born on that day.  If your birthday is not in the roster book and you would like to participate, please contact Peter.

Happy birthday to the following BTC Members:

               Ronald Miller - January 15th – Shares a birthday with Martin Luther King Jr. and Joan of Arc.

               Andy Zilis - January 18th – Shares a birthday with Kevin Costner and Cary Grant.

               Joe Stein - January 19th – Shares a birthday with Dolly Parton and Edgar Allan Poe.

               David Kappel - January 23rd – Shares a birthday with Mariska Hartigay (Olivia from SVU) and John Hancock.

               Don Berry and Joseph Wilda - January 24th – Shares a birthday with Neil Diamond.



   Your Secretary,

Peter Garetto



TEXT and EMAIL updates of golf course cancellations, etc are available, but each member has to sign-up, and it only takes 2 minutes .  Click on this link,, and follow the instructions (or see below).


Chairmen, Greg Lewis & Rich Schroeder, can issue the notices, so contact one of us, when needed.  If it's a general notice, it will also appear on our website, near the top of the current newsletter page.  On occasion, a notice may need to refer you to the website, for more information, as the text notice is limited to 100 characters.  Let Rich know if additional information needs to be posted to the website.  Currently there are 111 members signed up for this service.


SOMETHING NEW FOR OUR MEMBERS - We are going to put a video, etc. on the web site, that's "in the news" or good for your tennis game (Click Here) or for the bowlers (Click Here).  Here's also the bonus link, to help get your golf game in shape for next season.  If anyone has photos or videos to share, of our Club in action, please email them to If your screen ever displays out-dated information, try to Refresh your PC first (F5 key).  The website has recently been updated to be more "mobile-device friendly".  Try visiting us from your tablet or smart phone, and send us your feedback.

Also, remember to check the "Other/Fleamarket" page for golf-related equipment for sale & upcoming golf events from our members.  Advertising here is FREE, for members only.  Click HERE for more bowling statsClick HERE for current golf handicaps & Full Season Golf Schedule Last year's financial report as presented by our Treasurer (click here).   Click Here to sign up  for Rained-Out text messages (click here for instructions). 


Tennis Report – Al Baldermann



11 players (bad number).  We rotated so everyone played.  The matches were good as was the camaraderie.  Chuck DiNolfo (injured list) joined us for drinks after tennis.  Bill Lillwitz also brought his father for drinks.  His dad is 91, a veteran and a former BTC member (good guy).



Court 1

Kennedy                  14/22

Rollins                        9/18

Abramowicz                8/17

Johnson                      8/18

Baldermann                2/5

Bybee                         3/8


Court 2

Bewley                      16/24

Anderson                   11/24

Schaefer                    11/24

Schroeder                   9/20

Ganz                           9/20





Congratulations to my teammates on Tri-Star on winning the first half in the "A" division. Keith Tadevich shot a 691 series. And John Paliga had the high game of the day with a 266. Team Melfi had already clinched the "B" division last week. The top series of the day was by Carl Holt with a 712. Tom Stahl was second with a 705. Other good games were a 264 by Jack Parisi and a 259 by Jim Day (319 handicap). We are starting the new half next week and there are still 11 unpaid sponsor fees. Looking ahead, the Brocius doubles is scheduled for February 11th and 18th. And the Calcutta is on March 24th. 


John Delano - Bowling secretary 


Pots of the Week


HANDICAP                           Game 1 Kaz 304                     Hutch 289 

                                             Game 2 Paliga 299                  Parisi 296 

                                             Game 3 Guarnieri 281            Cahill 275 


BLIND DOUBLES             Paliga/Krug 580          Stahl/Valentinas 550               Parisi/Jenner 526 


THIRD GAME                    Guarnieri 281                          Cahill 275 


DOUBLES                            Game 1 Reichenberger/Hutch 551     Guarnieri/Kaz 545 

                                             Game 2 Paliga/Parisi 595                   Paliga/McNamara 553 

                                             Game 3 Harwig/Kleinpaste 598         Guarnieri/Kaz 545 


TEAM GAME                     Burr Oak Bowl 1290 


MYSTERY                          No winners 


CLEAN FRAMES               Hutch 16F                               Stahl 25R 


SCRATCH                           Game 1 Stahl 232 

                                             Game 2 Parisi 264 

                                             Game 3 Wojnar 251 


SCRATCH SERIES            Stahl 705 


SERIES DOUBLES            Tadevich/Parisi 1335              Wisniewski/Guarnieri 1331 


SURVIVOR                         Tadevich 248 



3 Tri Star   51  26   10 Team Melfi 52 26
14 H&R Johnson 44 33   15 Gary Galassi 45 32
11 Team Jenner   44 33   2 Burr Oak Bowl 43 34
4 Dan's Lock&Key 42 35   7 Mama Vesuvio's 38 40
8 Beggar's OFK 36 41   6 Lionheart Finan'l 36 41
13 Beggar's Pizza 35 42   16 Van Henkelum 36 41
5 Bluebird Lanes 27 50   1 Beggar's Pizza 2 32 45
12 Bright Metals 24 53   9 Mardi Gras Lanes 32 45

Lane assignments for 1/21/20


17-18    19-20    21-22    23-24    25-26    27-28    29-30    31-32

  4-13     15-3      11-8      1-14      2-16      12-9       7-5       6-10